Connecting to the Internet, while travelling, is now easy. Youth hostels, hotels, restaurants, cafés... almost all of them offer free Internet access and do not hesitate to display it prominently on their windows, in order to attract travellers who are looking for Instagram publications. That said, being able to connect would sometimes be useful (or simply pleasant) when travelling long distances by bus, hiking in the middle of nowhere, in a remote hostel where the Internet is only a vague concept, or in Australia where the slightest connection to Wi-Fi means mortgaging your home (sigh....). For that, several pocket Wi-Fi’s or Wi-Fi box options exist. You can visit if you wish to know more information about pocket Wi-Fi for travellers. Here is the one we tested (without sponsorship) and which we liked so much that we wanted to share it with you today. This has already invaded Asia quite a bit and will very quickly become (if it is not already the case) the essential accessory for Asian travellers: Pokefi's SmartGo. For the moment (spring 2019), it is only sold in Hong Kong, on the Internet and on Cathay Pacific flights. It is a small box that allows you to connect up to 8 devices via Wi-Fi; it works almost everywhere in the world (70 countries+ to be exact). When you no longer have any data, you simply reload online (for example: 5 GB for 15 USD$ and it's valid for 2 years - let's face it, it's worth it). To get it before you go on a trip, Amazon may be a good option. Otherwise, there is the possibility of buying it along the way, during a stopover in Asia. Other options (which we have not tried) exist, however. Let's mention Yogofi, GlocalMe, MightyWifi, KeepGo, SimOptions, Pocket Wi-Fi, or Travel Wi-Fi. There are many others. In fact, there are more and more of them. Clearly, the whole universe seems to want us to stay connected when we travel. And yet, not so long ago, we were wondering on this same blog about the relevance of being overconnected, when we posted the article "Travelling without a blog, without a project, without an Instagram account: is it still possible?" For those who choose the option of not being too connected when travelling, be aware that these are the last years in which this will be possible. We were just kidding, saying above that the whole universe seems to want us to stay connected while travelling... In this article, we are told that "the first 60 satellites of Starlink, Elon Musk's project to provide Internet from space", were launched into orbit last May... The forced overconnection is not far off. Only one solution will then be available to us: bury our heads in the sand, and put our phone in plane mode, no matter what.