Travellers' habits are changing rapidly, with an emphasis on financial accessibility and the environmental impact of the stay. The year 2019 was presented as the year of planning quality holidays in a shorter time frame. With the advent of digital technology, there are now many travel applications for booking flights, transport and accommodation. In this article, we explain what is meant by Insta-holidays.

The new trend: the Instammability of a place

When modern travellers book their holidays, they think their Instagram photos are above all other factors. Considering the aesthetics of the place, travellers opt for places that can produce beautiful images for Instagram. In the current generation, travel is no longer focused on interesting activities or cultural experiences. The highest priority for young people travelling abroad is the instability of their destination. It has been proven that people aged 18 to 34 are inspired to travel because of the quality of a location on their Instagram feed. Travellers choose to visit different places in a short period of time. As a result, they can quickly obtain tons of photos from different locations and post them on Instagram. This type of trip is called insta-holiday.

The Rise of Social Media

With Instagram's worldwide reputation, social media influencers are now being paid to travel to exotic places and publish enviable photos. Companies use this platform to promote their establishment, which generally provides accommodation, meals and other services to travellers and tourists. These social media influencers are paid to publish their insta-holiday photos online. Indeed, their publications on Instagram may encourage others to book holidays in the same place. Social media has become a place to share content in the form of competition. If a traveller goes to a beautiful place, you can deduce that he will publish photos, but for the wrong reason. Rather than posting holiday photos online on social media as an outlet for virtual memories, social media users mainly post their holiday photos to arouse envy among friends and followers.


If you have an Instagram account, the first destinations of your holiday photos are probably online. With filters and hashtags on Instagram, holiday images are now improved and become the envy of friends. Travellers are making shorter but more frequent trips these days. Ins-holidays are more favourable to explorers because long holidays usually involve a long planning process. With the rise of insta-holidays, the desire to travel more is inevitable.