What will be the major trends in tourism in 2020? To find out, Booking interviewed 22,000 people in 29 countries. You will find the conclusions of this major survey below and our selection in the folder Where to travel in 2020? : - The rise of alternative destinations: more and more travellers will prefer to discover less well-known places. According to the Booking.com study, 54% of the travellers surveyed want to avoid mass tourism and 51% are willing to change their destination to reduce the impact of their trip on the environment. - The Internet is increasingly used: "In 2020, travellers will let technology guide their choices even more," says Booking. 46% of travellers say they will use an app to discover and book travel activities. - Taking time on the road: 61% of travellers say they would prefer a longer itinerary to enjoy the scenery and 48% plan to use slower means of transport to limit their environmental impact. - Discover destinations with multiple attractions: 62% of those surveyed would prefer to travel to a single destination offering a range of activities that interest them. India, Thailand, Indonesia, Colombia and Mexico are popular for this reason. - Going with pets: 55% of travellers surveyed say that their pet is as important as their child(ren), while 42% of people choose their holiday destination based on the possibility of taking their pet with them. Moreover, 49% are prepared to pay more for accommodation that accepts their faithful companion. - Going away as a family: 75% of grandparents prefer holidays with their grandchildren to spend time with their family. - The importance of local gastronomy: an essential criterion for 71% of those surveyed who appreciate going to a restaurant when travelling. - Being retired rhymes with travel: for 65%, travel is an ideal way to spend time in retirement and 47% of travellers want to be more adventurous in their choice of destinations. The survey was conducted by Booking.com with a representative panel of adults who have travelled in the last 12 months or who plan to travel in the next 12 months. A total of 22,000 adults completed the survey via an online survey between 9 and 28 August 2019.