Where to go in 2020? When? Many tourism websites unveil the major travel trends for 2020 based on the search and booking trends recorded on the site. According to experts, Galway, Ireland, and Vienna, the Austrian capital, are the surprise destinations of 2020. Especially Galway, until now little known to the general public. The port city on the west coast of Ireland is elected European Capital of Culture in 2020, which explains its recent popularity. For its part, Vienna will celebrate the 250th anniversary of the death of the composer Beethoven next year.

Travel destinations

Egypt and Cuba are making a comeback in 2020. After a vertiginous drop in tourist numbers due to the terrorist attacks, Egypt recorded a 53% increase in reservations between 2018 and 2019... And the trend should be confirmed in 2020. Cuba, with its beaches and old-fashioned charm, is definitely one of the key tourist trends for next year.

Les destinations de 2020

Finally, Rome, the Italian capital, and Hanoi, the Vietnamese capital, are the "The Place To be" destinations of 2020. If there's one time when you absolutely have to go to Rome next year, it's in June 2020 to attend the Euro 2020 football matches taking place at the famous Olympic Stadium between 10 June and 5 July. And for Formula 1 fans, it is in Hanoi that they will have to be next year: a stage of the Formula 1 Grand Prix will take place in Hanoi from 02 to 05 April 2020 for the first time, with its 5 kilometres of circuit built in the city centre. It will also be an ideal time to go to Vietnam and enjoy a dry and sunny climate and avoid heavy summer rains.