Agritourism is a form of alternative tourism where holidaymakers spend their holidays on the farm to discover the culture of the country or region. They are then welcomed directly by the farmers. The philosophy of agritourism is to provide a family lifestyle, friendly and natural, very different from urban life. The hosts are then considered almost as family members. Thanks to the agritourism, you may have the chance to see deer, bison, boars, wild boars, foxes... etc. The adults and children will be delighted with their stay! This practice is very well known in Italy. Many rural areas have transformed and renovated their buildings to provide agritourism. Tuscany, Lazio, Lombardy, Basilicata... all these regions await you to discover their secrets and local heritage. These destinations will allow you to taste the Italian pleasure, the softness of the landscapes, far from the beaten track. Every year, Liguria or Umbria attract more and more tourists who want to live a different experience, more humane but while enjoying their holidays. Thus, your farm holidays will make you discover the practices and traditions of the Italians. Indeed, Italy is always at the heart of the festivities: many festivals take place such as the Settimana della cultura, in spring, which will make you discover the Italian heritage with museums, free cultural sites. During the summer, you will then live to the rhythm of the real Italians who will give you guided tours interspersed with naps after lunch. If you come to southern Italy, between 6pm and 8pm, you will discover the crowds in the streets of Italy where all the inhabitants go up and down the streets for their daily "walk" or "walk".