With the holidays approaching, everyone is wondering: where is the best place to relax? Most current travellers and families prefer to organize trips to the Islands. Above all, they want to detach themselves from the professional world and discover new cultures. If you are looking for a unique place, organize a trip to Indonesia. It is a country that is home to many tourist sites and beautiful beaches. The island of Bali which is the most visited in recent years.

Bali: a small tourist island that enhances nature

Whether you are taking your family on a discovery trip, travelling with your partner or coming alone, Bali is the perfect destination. Every year, millions of tourists from all over the world come here to experience beautiful adventures. This tourist island is distinguished by its culture and landscape. In the city of Canggu, you will experience an unforgettable moment that will let you know the air of the countryside. You will find tranquility surrounded by rice fields. It is a peaceful place, ideal for nature lovers. In order to better plan your stay, find here the best tailor-made travel destinations on the Island.

The best accommodation is in Bali

One of the reasons tourists organize a trip to Bali is the presence of unusual accommodations. Almost all over the Island, hotels are not very expensive. They reflect simplicity, but allow you to relax. And this, without neglecting the price, which is cheaper than in other countries. With only 100 euros, you can rent accommodation with a beautiful swimming pool on the edge of the rice fields. The restaurants are also satisfactory. They offer traditional dishes and meals. If necessary, you can find a wellness centre that offers treatments with natural products.

Bali: the new destination for everyone

Bali is the only destination where everyone can have a place. Youth and adults can choose activities that suit them. You can go diving. You can discover the volcano and find authentic objects all over the world. Some tourists organize cruises and hikes in the mountains. If you take your children with you, you can organize a ride on a quad, bike, etc.