Siargao, between lagoon and surfers’ spot in the Philippines

Bathed in the Pacific Ocean, Siargao is a paradise destination for surfers. It has many spots adapted to all levels and it is also a mine of discoveries. With a landscape worthy of a postcard, it shelters lagoons and white…

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Sleeping on a desert island in the Laurentians in Canada

Who doesn’t dream of discovering Canada and its most beautiful tourist sites for the next vacation? It is a country with many exciting places to visit. As a special feature, in the most visited places in this country, tourists have…

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Rajasthan to visit ultra-coloured cities

Located in India, Rajasthan is worth a visit for a cultural trip or a sightseeing tour. With its multicoloured cities, this country does not have to envy other destinations. During their stay, travellers will see historical monuments, citadels and pagodas….

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