Are you going on a family vacation for the first time? Not sure what to do so that everyone can find something to enjoy and be satisfied with their holiday? Do you want his holiday to be perfect? So, we have some tips for you that might be useful to you....


Once you have chosen the destination, you must take care of the holiday rental. Which type to choose? There are several rentals available to you: hotels generally have rooms from 2 to 3 maximum and would therefore only be useful when you are with only one child. You can then rent an apartment or even a holiday home. This solution is generally the most adopted by families with at least 4 members. Indeed, renting an apartment or a holiday home allows you to have your peace of mind, to have a space that is neither too small nor too large and, unlike a hotel, a kitchen is generally at your disposal. Be aware that in France, rentals are generally by the week. As a less expensive rental, you have camping: camping nowadays is back in fashion with its entertainment. Camping becomes economical, allows you to enjoy your family holidays in the middle of nature and offers you entertainment throughout the day and even in the evening. In short, a real moment of happiness! The only downside is that time has to be right! Indeed, when you go camping, you go on an adventure.


Once you have chosen your accommodation, you should think about family activities. First of all, choose to visit the city but not that...... especially if your children are young, they will quickly get bored! It will then be necessary to alternate between museums (especially if you have bad weather), walks in the city but also relaxing activities. If your children are young, you can organize family games, in the garden for example, such as a football match for example or a sack race or a treasure hunt. If it rains, you can all play board games together or even bake cakes together! This way, young and old alike will enjoy themselves! If your children are older, you can go for a bike ride or go to the movies or the pool together.

Travel pharmacy

To take full advantage of all these activities, plan a small first-aid kit. Indeed, it would be a shame to spoil this holiday with unexpected little things. First of all, think of dressings for small cuts or whatever. Dressings can always be useful. Don't forget paracetamol for headaches either. Finally, especially if you go out in the sun or snow, think about sunscreen! Very very practical if you are travelling with an infant who is therefore much more sensitive to index of 50 would therefore be more appropriate.