Bathed in the Pacific Ocean, Siargao is a paradise destination for surfers. It has many spots adapted to all levels and it is also a mine of discoveries. With a landscape worthy of a postcard, it shelters lagoons and white sandy beaches. A trip to the Philippines in the heart of unspoilt beauty where it is a pleasure to indulge in water sports.

The number one destination for enthusiastic surfers

Well known for its perfect waves, Cloud 9 is the world famous surf spot where you can meet the most advanced surfers. It even hosts an international competition every year in September. For enthusiasts looking for the big wave, the months of August to November are the high season. However, the island's expanse offers different and intense waves accessible at all levels. As in the surfer's walk where beginners find their happiness. If you want a tailor-made trip in the heart of a breathtaking landscape like Siargao, discover other destinations on Authentic World.

An island of epic authenticity

Renowned for its white sandy beaches as far as the eye can see, Siargao also has a coconut grove where you can surely pass when you decide to make a self-tour. This is the road that leads to Mapupunkgo's natural swimming pool. Located in the north, 45 minutes by motorcycle, the site first passes through Pilar. A village formed above the mangrove where adventurers looking for an unusual picture of the setting sun do not change for anything in the world. It is as famous for its sunset as for its insects. Once on the beach, when the ocean has receded, it reveals behind it a basin of turquoise green water. It's the perfect place for a small dive from the left side. After some swimming, it's time to return to General Luna to rediscover its evening entertainment with its market and bars.

The island of dream lagoons

A trip to the Philippines is not a trip without a detour to Sugba Lagoon. Mangroves, tiny islets and breathtaking views are the privileges of the trip from General Luna to the discovery of its crystal clear waters. A place where the Pacific Ocean has left its current outside and where it is good to explore with a mask and snorkel underwater biodiversity. Corals inhabited by fish and jellyfish of 3 different species rise to the surface. Among the latter, both of them offer a wonderful show in the season when they appear. They are also harmless, unlike the latter species. In addition to swimming in this crystal clear water, it is also possible to visit the sites by paddle.