At the moment, each family is struggling to choose the ideal destination for their holidays. This only happens once a year. Above all, we must not make a bad choice. Among the most popular tourist destinations are the Bahamas Islands. If travellers appreciate this destination, it is because it has several impressive sites. If you decide to visit the Bahamas, you certainly wouldn't stay on one island. Discover each island so that your stay is unforgettable and will leave its mark on your life forever.

The first two islands of the Bahamas

A trip to the Bahamas is not only for a family, if you want to offer a perfect honeymoon to your wife, it is the perfect place. Paris de Nassau and Eleuthera de Nassau are the most visited in recent years. Paris Island of Nassau is actually the capital of the Bahamas. It is home to beautiful beaches such as Cable Beach, Paradise Island, etc. There is also the small island of Eleuthera. It stands out for its authentic landscapes and diverse aquatic activities. These two islands are essential and will make you live memorable moments. Plan your tailor-made trip to the Bahamas here.

Take a trip to Cat Island

Visiting the Bahamas is exciting, especially if you have the opportunity to discover the beauty and treasures of each island. Among the most impressive, there is also the small island of Cat Island. It is one of the least populated islands in the Bahamas. You will find beautiful beaches in different colours: pink, white, etc. On this island, there is already a 5-star hotel that accommodates tourists. There are various activities, a wellness centre, etc. Don't forget that the natural beauty of Cat Island will not leave you indifferent.

And the "Great Bahama": never to be neglected

If you have decided to plan your trip to Cuba and the Bahamas, you can also enjoy an unforgettable time while scuba diving. On the island of the "Great Bahama", there is already an organization that is in charge of this activity. It will help you to have a memorable experience in your life. You will also find all the necessary equipment to do other water activities. It should be noted that for those who love nature, on this island, there are 3 nature reserves with rare species all over the world.