If you are looking for a unique destination for your next trip, why not turn to Norway, a country with many interesting facets? Then find out what you can do and what you can see in this country?

What to visit in Norway?

If you are planning a trip to Norway, whether as part of an adventure trip or as part of a family or friends trip, you should not under any circumstances miss the highlights of this country. What makes this destination unique is above all the northern lights and fjords as well as the spectacular landscapes of the Chair Rock near Stavanger. Don't forget to see the waterfalls including the Seven Sisters Waterfall, the Pretender's Waterfall or the Bride's Veil Waterfall. As for nature reserves, it is advisable to go to the Hardangervidda plateau to access the largest nature reserve of magnificent wild reindeer. Norway is one of the destinations to take for a family trip because it is known as Santa Claus' country. But to be serene for this trip, it is better to entrust your organization to an online travel agency like monde-authentique.com.

What to do in Norway?

As activities to do in Norway, you can take a camper van to the open spaces and finish your trip on the beaches of the region. You can also go fishing in the large fjords or, failing that, in the country's many rivers. And why not participate in a roadtrip to discover the most beautiful sites? If you are more sporty, you can hike and admire the landscapes and wild beaches along the coast. The best way to admire the fjords is to take a ferry cruise from Flam to Aurland.

Some practical information about Norway

Before leaving for Norway, you should know that there is no time difference between Norway and France. For entry formalities, if you are a European national, you simply need to bring your valid identity card or passport, no visa is required. The official Norwegian languages are Nynorsk and Bokmaal, but if you speak English, it is enough to communicate.