Are you travelling to France soon? We bet you'll want to stay connected during your visit. When you're away, we all want to be able to call or text home, play music or movies in our free time or share our good times on social media. While most hotels, vacation rentals and some restaurants offer free WIFI, the connection is often poor, unsecure and limited to the building you are in. If you are travelling, you will need to find another free WIFI access point to connect or incur high costs on your package. The pocket Wifi is the solution you need to ensure a good connection all the time and avoid high roaming costs. Visit for example and get more information about WiFi hotspots available for rent for the duration of your stay in France and in Europe.

Stay connected wherever you are with a pocket WIFI hotspot

We are all used to the convenience of being connected at all times, but it can also be very useful when you are in a foreign country:
  • Easy access to maps or guides in case of loss.
  • Online booking and access to e-tickets to skip lines at tourist attractions
  • Translation applications for communicating with residents
  • And more...
All of these applications use a lot of bandwidth and if you use your own package, you can end up with a very unpleasant surprise when you get home. With its pocket size, fast 4G connection, long lasting battery and low cost, Wifi is always at your side when you need data. And if you spend most of your day on the road, you can add a car charger or power bank to your order for even longer battery life.

Connect up to 10 devices to your WiFi hotspot

Renting a Wi-Fi hotspot is a cost-effective solution when travelling with family and friends. Up to 10 devices can be connected to the same Wifi hotspot with good service, at no extra charge and at a lower cost than most international plans. You can also simultaneously connect your phone, laptop or tablet to a blog, streaming and work without breaking the bank.

Save time and money in France

Start sharing online as soon as you arrive in France: order your pocket Wifi online and have it delivered free of charge to the airport, your holiday rental or any other place that suits you. No need to go to a shop, no need to go through a complicated procedure, the device is there when you arrive and it's ready and simple to use. And when it's time to go home, just put the pocket Wifi and all its accessories in the prepaid envelope provided and drop them in any mailbox in France. We offer several rental packages at a fixed price, with no hidden fees, and free delivery and return. Depending on your usage and the length of your stay, choose a package limited to 1 GB per day from €4.80 per day or the unlimited package from €5.80 per day. Planning your next trip to France? Visit our website and order your portable Wifi hotspot today. By entering the dates of your stay, you'll make sure you'll be able to connect as soon as you arrive.