Who doesn't dream of discovering Canada and its most beautiful tourist sites for the next vacation? It is a country with many exciting places to visit. As a special feature, in the most visited places in this country, tourists have the opportunity to do various unusual activities. If you want to experience a great adventure, organize a trip to Canada and discover the Laurentians. It is located more precisely in the northern part of the Montreal region. It is appreciated by lovers of sports activities and camping.

Discover the Laurentians region: why?

Most tourists who come to the Laurentians camp on its small desert island. Before planning a special activity in these places, it is first and foremost essential to know the identity card of the region. This ensures safety. It is one of the most admired regions by the travellers of the moment. It is distinguished by its nature, its landscape and its freshness. In this region, there are the oldest mountains on the planet such as the Himalayan mountain. It was discovered millions of years ago by Americans, and for hundreds of years it has become a must-see tourist destination.

Lac du Poisson Blanc or the desert island of the Laurentians

To make your trip to Canada unforgettable, you should never miss Fish Lake. Some travellers know it as the small desert island of the country. Here you have the opportunity to camp with your family and relax. You can also rent accommodation where you can admire the beautiful stars. Every year, small organizations around the world plan a few days off from the daily routine on the island.

How to get to this little paradise island?

So that you can quickly reach the small islets on Lac du Poisson Blanc on your trip to Canada, choose a kayak trip. In general, it only takes 30 minutes to get to the place. But this varies depending on the mode of transport. To find the ideal transport, there is no problem. Well-known organisers are already working on it. It is still necessary to bring the necessary provisions during your stay in the place. You will not find shops or supermarkets there. It is a place isolated from modern technology, it highlights nature.